The Gaijin Haijin

Moments in Time III

Hi. This Haiku Webjournal is a sequel of sorts to a previous online compilation of poetry work (now unavailable except to skilled WebGods), and to Haiku postings over a year and a half (2003-2004) in my personal LiveJournal drjon.

I have been writing Haiku and Senryu for over twenty years. Some of it has not sucked.

For the curious:
外人 - Gaijin: Non-Nipponese.
俳人 - Haijin: Haiku Poet.

The title Moments in Time is a fragmented quote from the character Roy Batty's final musings at the end of the movie Bladerunner. It reflects my personal experience of life as a set of isolated frames, mysteriously and unfathomably interconnected.

NB: You may find that the haiku in here do not necessarily consist of three lines of syllables 5/7/5. If you did not know that haiku needed 17 structured syllables, I would congratulate you on avoiding a particularly wide-spread and noxious error.